Freie Hamburger Nacktivisten

 Wanderung in der Lüneburger Heide am 7.8.2011  Deichtorhallen am 3.8.2012

We are a loose group of supporters of Naturism, who from 2010 came together through the Internet, to take part together in Naturist ventures. Since then our Group has steadily grown. We are mainly from the Hamburg area. Some of our activities also attract interest from like minded people in other German States neighboring and more distant. We have also received inquiries from people in Holland and Denmark.

During the warmer months in the year we love to do naked hiking. Discretion and respect is our overriding imperative. Therefore we have no wish to annoy others, so we choose to walk where possible in less frequented areas. Sometimes we use the Official Naturist footpaths.

During the Winter we meet naked at regular venues like Bowling or „Stammtisch“ evenings. At these meetings there are other activities on offer, that we can enjoy naked together. We have also enjoyed two visits to a Naturist Farmstead in Fresenbrügge. Naked painting and dance were also included in last Winter' programme as well as a naked cinema visit. Also we have enjoyed some unique Art events. In the Summer of 2012 we had two Naked visits to Antony Gormley' Horizon Field exhibition at the Deichtorhallen (Exhibition Halls for International Art and Photography) in Hamburg. If you have any advice or ideas for naked ventures please mail them to us. Perhaps you have something we can use.

We are pleased to welcome all open minded people who like us, have an interest in, and love of Naturism, or anyone in our area who wishes to experience what Naturism is like at one or another of our activities.

What does loose Group mean? It means that we are not a registered society or anything similar and we have no plans to become that. As the Group has chrystalised a few of us have taken on the role of organising the various activities because it has given us pleasure to do so. Basically anyone in the Group can initiate activities and we are pleased to have new ideas.
If you are interested in more information, or if you like to meet some of us during a first nude event to try out if you like this, please send an E-Mail.

More Info : Naturism - a short overview (german only for this time)

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